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SOS - Shinjinrui on Sumo
Chris Gould
Chris sinks his teeth into how sumo can go about pulling in the younger fans - currently so noticeable by their absence. The first of a three-part series.
Sumo World Championships
Mark Buckton
Mark Buckton reports from Sakai near Osaka, site of the latest Sumo World Championships.
Rikishi of Old
Joe Kuroda
Joe Kuroda finishes off his look at former yokozuna Minanogawa.
Sumo 101 / Eric Evaluates
Eric Blair
Eric expains sumo fan terminology - with the inevitable twist - for those just getting into the sport and still subject to the know it alls.
Age stands still for no man
Joe Kuroda
Former ozeki Kiyokuni will retire in November under the compulsory '65 and you are out' rule. JK takes a look at this quiet earth mover.
Feel the Sumo
Eduardo de Paz
Read and feel the renowned Leonishiki's passion for all things sumo at his first live event.
SFM Interview
Mark Buckton
Mark interviews Colin Carroll - again - Irish star of Sakai.
Photo Bonanza
See the Aki Basho bonanza as well as the largest collection of pics you are likely to see on the Sumo World Championships earlier in October.
Aki Basho Summary  
Lon Howard
Lon wraps the September Aki Basho and throws in some henka sighting results for good measure.
Lower Division Rikishi  
Mikko Mattila
The lower divisions, their members and results get the once over thanks to Mikko's eye of things 'beneath the curtain'.
Kyushu Ones To Watch  
Carolyn Todd
Carolyn shares her thoughts on whom to keep an eye on in Fukuoka.
Kimarite Focus
Mikko Mattila
Mikko's latest clarification of several of the sport's plethora of kimarite.
Amateur Angles  
Howard Gilbert
Howard Gilbert - manager of New Zealand's amateur sumo team takes a look at the approaching Russians.
Kokugi Konnections  
Todd Lambert
Click on Todd's bimonthly focus on three of the best sumo sites online.
Fan Debate  
Facilitator - Lon Howard
Jesse Lake and Rich Pardoe hammer out their differences on a current furor - promotion criteria.
SFM Cartoons   
Benny Loh & Stephen Thompson
In this issue's cartoon bonanza, sit back and enjoy Benny Loh's offerings and put a caption to Stephen Thompson's picture to win yourselves a banzuke.
Sumo Odds ’n’ Ends   
SFM's interactive elements including Henka Sightings, Elevator Rikishi and Eternal Banzuke!
Lets Hear From You  
What was it that made you a sumo fan? Kevin Murphy reveals all.
Readers' Letters  
See what our readers had to say since we last hit your screens.
Sumo Quiz   
The Quizmaster
Answer the Qs and win yourself next basho’s banzuke.

Colin Carroll – Sumo Ireland President

Interview by Mark Buckton

the ISF has supported us, the ESU has not, (so) I would like to throw a question back to the ESU: Why has the ESU not come and supported Sumo Ireland?

MB: The (IFS) president (Hidetoshi Tanaka) walked out of your first ISF meeting yesterday – how did that come across?

CC: At the ISF Congress yesterday there were 32, maybe 34 countries gathered. Ireland beside India – India one billion people, Ireland a few million but Ireland has one vote, India has one vote. Here we are at the Congress, and on the agenda the third point was the election of directors and officials of the ISF. The Europeans, because Stephen Gadd was banned and I think Gunther Romenath too, led by Germany, stood up first and interrupted the meeting right at the start and stopped the proceedings. I respect that – each to their own. Backing Germany up was Austria and Finland and the Netherlands. They all stood up basically in support of the ESU and this squabble over, let’s face it; it’s over money at the end of the day.

Ireland does not want to fall out with our brotherly neighbors in Europe. We want their help, though, and why haven’t we received it? I am actually putting out a plea, a cry, why do they not help us? Why do the ISF in Japan come to my aid, but not the ESU?

The answer anyway, when all those countries stood up, there


Ireland's top amateur rikishi and the only man from the Emerald Isle to ever fight on the international stage, Colin Carroll makes a second appearance as an SFM interviewee, following his first appearance at the Sumo World Championships in Sakai, Osaka earlier this month. A man not to be pressured into siding with his European neighbors on sumo politics when it doesn't suit him, and an all round “say it how it is” kind of guy - Colin lets rip with his views on the amateur side of the sport as it stands today.

Colin Carroll – president of Sumo Ireland, took some time out after his second bout at the recent Sumo World Championships to speak to SFM and apply a verbal harite to those that need it most. For the views of the head of Europe’s newest member nation on many things sumo, read on:

MB: Being European, what is your take on the ISF banning the ESU members who fought in the American (World Sumo League) event this year?

CC: You’ve got to look at Sumo Ireland’s background. When we set up I approached both the ESU and the ISF. Stephen Gadd, obviously of the ESU, is a man I had many conversations with but the reality is that Sumo Ireland is not affiliated to the ESU –
unfortunately, I might add - whereas Sumo Ireland has provisional membership of the ISF for two years from last June.

The Japanese who run the ISF have been decent to us, but the ESU have surprisingly not come and supported us. The issue there was finance, as you know, and (ESU) “sumo inspectors” (needing to come and check us out) which would be a drain on resources we do not have, as we have no government assistance.

MB: I understand from my own conversations with the ESU General Secretary that you would be the first nation ever to pay.

CC: Well that’s shocking! That’s outrageous how Sumo Ireland, which is in the ISF , is not in the ESU because of number one; finance and, number two; because we haven’t openly sided with the ESU’s adoption of Ultimate Sumo (World Sumo League) or the commercialization of (amateur) sumo.

MB: So the banning (of ESU officials) is……?

CC: The banning is remote from what Sumo Ireland is doing. We are only concerned with ourselves. Also, it’s very simple – we thank and respect those who thank and respect us and


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