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Attention to Akeni
Carolyn Todd
SFM's newest addition to the writing staff takes an in-depth look at akeni, their history and production techniques
Rikishi of Old
Joe Kuroda
Joe Kuroda slides former yokozuna Minanogawa under his SFM microscope
Eric Evaluates
Eric Blair
Eric's wit scythes through the SML and makes clear his opinion of where the future lies for online sumo forums.
Eternal Banzuke Phase II
Lon Howard
Stats, equations and mathematics all lead to a list of sumo's most prolific up and downers
Matta-Henka: Another View
Lon Howard
A row that will never be fully decided but Lon gives his impressions on it all the same
Heya Peek
Mark Buckton
Mihogaseki, former home of Estonian sekitori Baruto is toured (and peeked at) by SFM's Editor-in-Chief
SFM Interview
Mark Buckton
Mark interviews shin-komusubi Kokkai
Photo Bonanza
See the Nagoya basho and Akeni photo bonanzas
Nagoya Basho Summary
Lon Howard
Lon gives us his Nagoya basho summary, along with the henka sightings results
Lower Division Rikishi
Mikko Mattila
Mikko Mattila casts his watchful eye over lower division goings on in makushita and below.
Aki Ones to Watch
Carolyn Todd
Carolyn takes over the job of rikishi job performance prediction for SFM as she looks at those to keep an eye on come September
Kimarite Focus
Mikko Mattila
Our man Mikko's latest trio of kimarite get thrown about the SFM literary dohyo
Amateur Angles
Howard Gilbert
Howard returns with the second of his columns on the amateur sumo scene.
Sumo Game
SFM's very own quiz comes in for a bit of self scrutiny by our secretive man of questions. We'll call him 'X'.
Sumo in Print
Barbara Ann Klein
SFM’s Editor reviews “The Little Yokozuna”, a book for “young” (and older) adults
Kokugi Connections
Todd Lambert
Check out Todd's bimonthly focus on 3 of the WWW's best sumo sites
Fan Debate
Facilitator - Lon Howard
Keri Sibley and Eduardo de Paz  ponder the concept of ‘to pay or not to pay’ makushita salaries
SFM Cartoons
Stephen Thompson
Sit back and enjoy the offerings of one of sumo's premier artists
Lets Hear From You
What was it that made you a sumo fan? SFM’s own Todd Lambert details his path into sumofandom
Readers' Letters
See what our readers had to say since we last went out
Sumo Quiz
The Quizmaster
Answer the Qs and win yourself next basho’s banzuke.

SFM Quiz – old fashioned
perhaps, but the best
things always are.

by SFM Quizmaster
As the days pass, it is necessary (and wise) to have a quick look every now and then so you don’t get hit with all fifteen questions at the same time come senshuraku, but for those caught up in life, all of the questions do remain on the page after having been posted, so there are no problems with not actually checking in every day.

Answers must be handed in by the Tuesday or Wednesday after the basho has ended (times and dates are indicated on the main page) and reults will usually be posted on the Sumo Fan Magazine site as well as Sumo Forum in the days following that.

That truly is it – it is old fashioned perhaps but as the sub-title says - the best things always are. Please have a go – all the answers are out there somewhere, or the people that know the answers are and you never know – a banzuke, printed tegata or both could be winging its way to you in no time

Finally, a note on myself as I sometimes feel like the forgotten SFMer given my lack of recognition over on the right side of the top page - as I hold a position with a security clearance higher than GWB should be permitted to hold, only two staff at SFM know my true identity and for reasons intended to avoid compromise of such and subsequent attempts on their life, that’s where I end. Wasn’t that short?

SFM Quizmaster


Summer doldrums are here, and with that phenomenon, some of our contributors are away on vacation, or, like myself, just so lethargic that the furthest thing from one’s mind is the task of meeting a deadline. However, since regular staff is just that – REGULAR staff, we have delegated the Games column this issue to the SFM Quizmaster, and with his/her own description of our bimonthly game, I will put this column on hiatus for a bit.

If you are a gamesmaster, though, and want SFM to “publicize” your online sumo game through this column, give me a holler at editor@sumofanmag.com. You will have my immediate attention.

The Sumo Fan Magazine Quiz is simple. It poses a number of questions and the person who answers the most correctly wins a prize.

As much as that is where I’d like to end it and return to my life of secrecy, my editor wouldn’t be happy with a 23-word summary, so I suppose I’d better go a bit deeper.

The quiz questions originate in the deepest recesses of my brain. “What’s that, ed., not so deep? OK, I’ll try again!”

Every day of a given basho, the SFM homepage displays a different question. Numbering fifteen in all (one being released automatically each day of the basho), the questions asked are sometimes themed, but more often than not are a mixed bag of current (sumo) affairs, historical type conundrums and little-known facts, with a few facts and figures thrown in for good measure.

Unlike many games that simply rely on potluck and random guessing, the SFM quiz is designed to accommodate those who have a level of sumo knowledge just that little bit higher than the norm; the men or women about town for whom sumo is a thing of beauty and a never-ending avenue of education.

In reality though, all can play and you don’t have to have been a fan since birth to be able to answer most of the questions. Every answer is in print somewhere – be it the old fashioned book sources many of you have, or from online sites put together over the past few years – by many who used the books to develop their interest in the first place, or from previous issues of our own SFM..

All questions are prepared, written up and double checked by the Nihon Sumo Kyokai via my Editor-in-Chief, Mark Buckton – thanks Mark.


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