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Rikishi of Old: Umegatani II

by Joe Kuroda

Otojiro’s home, suggesting to his parents that he join Ozumo.

Initially, his father declined the offer, possibly because Otojiro was only 12 years
old at the time, but Ikazuchi persisted. Finally, Otojiro’s father relented after Ikazuchi declared that he, himself, would personally guarantee the boy’s well-being by adopting him.  This Ikazuchi oyakata was none other than the 15th yokozuna Umegatani Toutaro I, then a senior executive with the Sumo Association and a person considered so trustworthy that when the Association decided to build their first indoor venue,
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The 20th Yokozuna
Umegatani Toutaro II

Birth Place: Toyama Prefecture Toyama City
Mizuhashi Oomachi

Birth Date: March 11, 1878

Real Name: Oshida -> Oe Otojiro

Shikona: Umenotani Otomatsu -> Umegatani Toutaro

Heya: Ikazuchi

Dohyo Debut: June, 1892

Juryo Promotion: January 1897

Makuuchi Debut: January 1898

Highest Rank: Yokozuna

Makuuchi Bashos: 36

Makuuchi Record:
168 wins,
27 losses, 47 draws, 2 holds,
116 kyujo

Winning Percentage: 0.862

Yusho: 4 (inc:Yusho equivalent)

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 158 kg

Favorite Technique
: Tsukidashi,
Hidari-yotsu, Tsuri

Toshiyori Myoseki:

September 2, 1927
(at the age of 49)

The 20th yokozuna Umegatani Toutaro II, was a skilled and crafty sumo technician even though he weighed in at almost 160 kg.  His yokozuna dohyo-iri was considered to be so aesthetically elegant that it became the most widely used yokozuna dohyo-iri in sumo history.  With his rival, yokozuna Hitachiyama, Umegatani ushered in the golden age of Ozumo, or what is generally known as the "Ume-Hitachi Era", and helped popularize sumo to an unprecedented level in the Meiji Era.

As Otojiro, his given name, Umegatani grew up in Toyama Prefecture where his family operated a successful pharmacy business and was well known throughout the region.  Since childhood, he was  large, though not tall, and came to be
regarded as a sumo “wunderkind” in Toyama.  In the summer of 1890, there was a joint Ikazuchi-beya and Takasago-beya jungyo held in Toyama. Otojiro attended every session.

Ozeki Tsurugizan (then with Ikazuchi-beya) noticed him and talked to his shisho, Ikazuchi, who immediately visited

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