SFM Interview

Mark Buckton
In Sumo Fan Magazine's first ever sekitori interview, Editor-in-Chief, Mark Buckton was able to secure a slot in the busy schedule of the much sought after Estonian up and comer and, for now, Mihogaseki Beya man – Baruto ... Read more...

Rikishi of Old

Joe Kuroda
The 42nd yokozuna Kagamisato Kiyoji had the unmistakable appearance of a traditional sumo rikishi. If there was a miniature sumo doll model to be made, Kagamisato would have been the prototype ... Read more...

Heya Peek

Barbara Ann Klein
Going to asageiko at Kokonoe-beya is always a bit intimidating to me. Kokonoe Oyakata, the former great yokozuna, Chiyonofuji, has a very stern countenance as a shinpan ... Read more...

Sumo 101 – Making the Tsuna

Barbara Ann Klein
Tsunauchi-shiki – the tsuna making ceremony. You know what the tsuna is: that huge white “braided” rope that the yokozuna wears when he does his dohyo-iri, of course. Have you ever wondered ... Read more...

Natsu Basho Summary

Lon Howard
It didn't take long for the Natsu basho to dig itself a hole. By the end of day 3, the curtain had fallen on its two main attractions: Yokozuna Asashoryu had withdrawn because of an arm injury ... Read more...

Lower Division Rikishi

Mikko Mattila
In the Natsu basho, battered veterans Toki, Takanotsuru and Kinkaiyama finally succumbed to heavy injury burdens and withdrew from active sumo. In fact, Toki decided to retire just before ... Read more...

Photo Bonanza!

Mark Buckton, Barbara Ann Klein
See the Natsu Basho as our Editors saw it, and a second bonanza relives the visit to Kokonoe-beya. Even another bonanza tells the story of making the Tsuna. Read more...

Cartoon Bonanza!

Benny Loh & Stephen Thompson
Look at the fifth of our cartoons bonanzas and see how Benny Loh saw the Natsu basho!

Sumo Odds ’n’ Ends

Lon Howard
SFM's ever growing interactive elements, now include letters sent in by SFM readers, Henka Sightings during honbasho, Elevator Rikishi and Eternal Banzuke!

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