Brothers in Sumo

Brian Lewin
The idea of brothers in sports is something that has fascinated both commentators and fans alike, perhaps since the beginnings of competitive sports. Its relative rarity and the idea of a brother following his sibling into a sport seem to attract ... Read more...

Hanging With the Rikishi

Barbara Ann Klein
I’m the luckiest woman in sumo. I don’t broadcast, I don’t speak Japanese (well, just a little), I’m not an artist or an historian and I don’t live in or have a second home in Japan – not yet! – but I am so fortunate to know so many rikishi ... Read more...

Sumo 101 – The Kokugikan

Eric Blair
The Ryogoku Kokugikan is the Mecca of the sumo world. Constructed during 1984, it opened in time for the first day of the 1985 Hatsu Basho only to see it start life as the place the current Rijicho Kitanoumi, then yokozuna Kitanoumi ... Read more...

Lower Division Rikishi

Mikko Mattila
In case of a sudden urge to come up with ways to bundle rikishi into groups within divisions, one could divide makushita rikishi roughly into four classes, based on career prospects – young up-and-coming rikishi who are clearly ... Read more...

Hatsu Ones to Watch

Mark Buckton
Things didnít go too badly prediction-wise last time out. Six of nine correct in terms of predicting a kachikoshi, two of the six spot on with predicted score (Takekaze and Asashoryu) and of the three I didn’t get – only Ama was ... Read more...

Hatsu Banzuke Prediction

Pierre Wohlleben
Two months ago in this spot, I predicted the return of the joi-jin banzuke elevator, with its beneficiary/victim of the basho being Hokutoriki. Little did I know just how right I would be proven in the course of Kyushu Basho. Hokutoriki ... Read more...

Photo Bonanza!

John Gunning
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our photo bonanza is worth a million. As the next best thing to actually being there Read more...

Sumo Odds ’n’ Ends

SFM's ever growing interactive elements, now include letters sent in by SFM readers, Henka Sightings during honbasho and Elevator Rikishi!

Cartoon Bonanza

Look at the second of our cartoons bonanzas and enjoy Stephen Thompson’s paintings!

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