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Sumo's Foreign Invasion

Mark Buckton
On the final day of the 1972 Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, the intrinsically Japanese sport of sumo changed forever. It became international.As then maegashira 4e Takamiyama of Takasago-beya held the Emperor’s Cup... Read more...

Taiho Retirement Indepth

Brian Lewin
Last month, the world of sumo said an official goodbye to one of the greatest rikishi ever to serve in its ranks - Taiho. On May 29th, Taiho Oyakata reached the mandatory retirement age of 65, ending a 48-year association with the Nihon Sumo Kyokai that saw him reach some of the greatest heights in sumo history, followed by personal lows and highs that may only just be beginning.... Read more...

Sumo 101 - Pre-Tachi-ai Rituals

Barbara Ann Klein
Foot-stomping, hand-clapping, one-legged balancing acts; salt throwing and water drinking - what on earth are these gentle giants doing? Can't they just get into the ring and begin a given day's bout? Read more...

Rikishi of Old - Umegatani II

Joe Kuroda
The 20th yokozuna Umegatani Toutaro II, was a skilled and crafty sumo technician even though he weighed in at almost 160 kg.  His yokozuna dohyo-iri was considered to be so aesthetically elegant Read more...

Photo Bonanza!

Quinlan Faris & Kurt Easterwood
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our photo bonanza is worth a million. As the next best thing to actually being there Read more...

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