With the recent promotion of Kakuryu we now have six ozeki, an all-time record.

The times that the six took from mae-zumo to ozeki promotion varied widely. The growing plant illustrates
these times, the leaves indicating their promotions to sekitori, makuuchi and sanyaku ranks.

Soundtrack 'The Liberty Bell March' by John Philip Sousa, arranged by Dr Stephen Ades.

Original Images used in creation of the morph:

Ozeki Baruto by Martina Lunau
Ozeki Harumafuji by Martina Lunau
Ozeki Kakuryu by Martina Lunau
Ozeki Kisenosato by Martina Lunau
Ozeki Kotooshu by Martina Lunau
Ozeki Kotoshogiku by Martina Lunau

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