Meet the Staff

Here at SFM we have assembled a right varied bunch. To learn a tad more about any of the staff members or contributors listed simply click on their name. Please note however, that a few of our sumo experts are a bit on the shy side and are being coaxed gently into opening up so several 'names', to borrow a Lloyds of London phrase, may be slightly later than others in listing their personal info.

Note About Fan Shikonas

Many sumo fans adopt a shikona, despite the fact that some of us don't speak a word of Japanese and could perhaps never, in our wildest dreams, become even an amateur rikishi. So why do so many of us, especially those who don't speak Nihongo go out and adopt a shikona? Quite simply, imitation. As you know, imitation is the highest form of flattery and a shikona is a beautiful, fun and unique tradition of sumo. Wanting to get a tad closer to the lives of our heroes atop the dohyo via the intangible beauty and symbolism of shikona, we express ourselves in sumofandom by creating and using a shikona of our very own. So some of our staff and contributors may use their shikona along with their real names and I hope you will join me in welcoming this way of them expressing themselves as fans of sumo (and if you don't please feel free to write in and tell us why you don't).