August Issue Contents
Kyushu Basho



Basho Review
Chris Gould
All change at the top in Nagoya - read more about it
Sumo and French Presidents
Dorian Marcellin
Who would have thought sumo could nearly bring down the French government?
From Fukuoka to Fukuoka
Chris Gould
Amazing coincidence or something more - you decide!
The rise and fall of Kaio
Chris Gould
Why the man with the most wins in sumo history finally retired
Farewell to an era
Eduardo de Paz
Eduardo's tribute to the man who touched the hearts of millions
Takanohana aged 20
Rika Yamaguchi
It's nearly 20 years since the most famous sumo wedding that never was
Kokugi Konnections
Chris Gould
A look at the key bouts from the 2011 Nagoya tournament
Ones To Watch
Alexander Herrmann
Alex casts his sharp eye on who's going up and who's going down
Menko Corner
Ryan Laughton
Ryan's back with some more top-notch collector's advice
Interview - Chris Cudlip
Chris Gould
How is our sumo sculptor getting along?
Morph Corner
Olivia Nagioff
Things aren't always what they seem in Olivia's morph universe

Farewell to an era

Eduardo de Paz
The beginning of the last tournament was dominated by the exploits of 38-year-old warhorse Kaio. We watched with bated breath as he tried valiantly to get two victories and surpass the 1045 victories of the great Yokozuna Chiyonofuji.    Read more...

Morph Corner

Olivia Nagioff
Who will take over the torch as Kaio rides off into the sunset?
See more...

Sumo and French


Dorian Marcellin
The passions of politicians are often used by their opponents to discredit them, especially when these passions are somewhat far away from the daily lives of electors. In France, we had something like that between 1995 and 2007, with the most important man in France, the President of the Republic, Jacques Chirac.  Read more...

Interview - Chris Cudlip

Chris Gould
Back in 2008, SFM interviewed up and coming British sculptor Chris Cudlip, who had decided to take on sumo themes. Now, with three further years of creative juices having flowed through his system, SFM revisited Chris to see how his projects had developed.

Nagoya basho review

Chris Gould
After Mayís dreadful technical evaluation tournament, sumo desperately needed to revive itself as a spectator sport in July. For the first time in a long time, it did not disappoint. Nagoya 2011 was simply a feast of great sumo and drama, and a beacon of hope for the sportís immediate future.    Read more...

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Asanowaka was a classic looking figure in sumo, and briefly carried the sword during Akebono's dohyo-iri. He was incredibly funny and would say some things other rikishi wouldn't dare say. He was, of course, famous for his froglike shikiri for which the Kyokai kept reprimanding him, the crowd loved it! This ink jet print, ed. 100, 9.5 x 11 inches is signed and numbered by the artist, available for $550. from the studio. Please contact

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