Amateur Sumo – the sport as it should be

Mark Buckton
Notwithstanding the potential for debate on exactly when professional sumo began, if the 1757 date of the first banzuke being released is used, then the amateur version of the sport predates ozumo by at least ten, perhaps fifteen centuries ... Read more...

Grand Sumo Championship Las Vegas

Joe Kuroda
Often called the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas has hosted many prominent and memorable boxing and martial arts matches over the years. It is entirely fitting, then, that the Nihon Sumo Kyokai sought to bring the national sport of ... Read more...

Sumo 101 – Amasumo

Barbara Ann Klein
Amasumo has vast similarities to professional sumo, as, of course, it should. Many of the rules appear to the same; the manner of dress may be similar – at least for the wrestlers, but is not restricted; and, the roles of the judges and ...Read more...

Photo Bonanza!

John Gunning
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our photo bonanza is worth a million. As the next best thing to actually being there Read more...

Interactive Section

SFM's ever growing interactive elements, now include letters sent in by SFM readers, Henka Sightings during honbasho and Elevator Rikishi!

Cartoon Bonanza

Look at the first of our cartoons bonanzas and take part in Stephen Thompson’s caption contest!

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