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As sumo becomes more and more popular, with images and impressions of sumo and its participants increasingly available on so many aspects of the sport, and of course the men taking part in professional sumo ever under the photographic microscope, SFM has decided to take a step back this issue in order to bring you a bonanza more about scenes and people than just the rikishi and the facial expressions they are prone to any given day during any given bout.

There are a few unusual shots of rikishi, plenty on the spectacle of sumo, and a few just odd. We've even dabbled in various colour forms - sepia / black and white and cyantype. None are captioned this time out as we have opted to remove all planned explanations to try and reintroduce a little of the 'mystery' that drew us all into this world of sumo in the first place.

Think back to the time you didn't fully understand what you were seeing and enjoy the bonanza for the initial excitement it brings out - especially those unable to make it to the sumo arena(s) on a regular basis.

All images seen within were taken by SFM's Chris Gould or Mark Buckton

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